Sunday, 17 July 2011

Challenges in remaking Britney Spears- Baby music video


Filming and remaking Britney Spears music video - Baby, will come with challenges in which we need to consider. 

One of the main concerns is that in her music video there are many proffessional dancers who are skilled and us on the other hand do not have many people. However, we used our initiative and since there are two media classes we have combined for certain scenes to solve this problem.
Another one of the problems is the location. Seeing as in Britney's music video there are four main locations, the classroom, hallway, car park and gym, it will be hard for us to access these facilities as there might be people who interrupt the filming and also getting consent to use these facilities will be difficult.

Our third concern is being able to have matching school unfiorms in which they have in Britney's music video. Since we aren't on a budget it will be hard for us to get a complete matching uniform for 15 people. 

One of the main conventions of a music video is lip syncing. This could be a struggle for us seeing as it is very time consuming trying to get it perfectly in time with the music with actors who are not trained or skilled. We could solve this by playing 'Baby' on a phone in order to get it in time and for it to look believable.

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