Sunday, 17 July 2011

Madness - One Step Beyond Music Video Idea

In order to get used to using the softwares, Final Cut Express and an HD Camera, for our final coursework, we were set a task to create a 30-60 second music video picking one of the 3 songs we could choose from. Our group chose the song One step Beyond by Madness. We decided to have a man running and knocking a drink out of someones hand, who then starts to chase him and more and more people begin to form creating a mob who is chasing after the man. Throughout we will have a man tapping on the walls to the beat and a man sat on a bench reading a newspaper.

This core idea started through discussing the potential of doing this song as a music video. We felt that it had a comedic feel and reminded us of the Three Stooges and Charlie Chaplin and silent movies. From this we then  envisioned how we wanted to edit the video. We thought that in order to carry on with the 1920's theme of comedy we would use black and white. However, one of the problems we faced was trying not to disturb the public while filming and also we had to plan ahead to a day that it wasn't raining or else the camera and equipment would get damaged.

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