Sunday, 17 July 2011

Codes and Conventions

In our first media lesson of the A2 media course, we looked at the codes and conventions of making a music video. In order to do this, we were given 3 examples which were Albanian music videos.
From these we looked at globalization and how a music video is created to be made for a specific audience varying from age to a different country. We also looked at how other music videos contain intertextual reference, in particular Lady Gaga's video for Bad Romance, which in some parts were similar to Madonna's video. 

We then went on to look at codes and conventions such as narrative in which is used for the company to suceed in it's target audience, and another convention is the performance which is used to give a variety in various music videos. Some other codes and conventions also include how fast paced the shots are edited considering the genre or speed of the music. Another convention is lip syncing, dance routines, mise-en-scene, and shot variety. 

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